SeaProtect Tape Alu

Application fields

For sealing of joints between ISOVER Alu faced mineral wool products and sealing of joints between Alu facings and metal. Acts as a barrier against water and water vapour, provides safe protection against moisture penetration. 

Instructions for utilization 

For any special use considered, suitability must be checked with shipyard and/or respectively class surveyor, by doing if required application tests onboard.
For good installation, as for all pressure-sensitive tapes, it is sufficient to apply the correct contact pressure on the SeaProtect Tape Alu to bond it on the top of Alu faced mineral wool products.
Surface must be dry, free of dust and grease.


Key benefits

Effective Fire Protection

Easy Installation

Fast installation

Technical Properties

Behaviour in fire

  • IMO Low flame spread according to FTP Code 2010 (Marine Equipment Directive 96/98 EC)

Dangerous substances

  • Free of isocyanate, PVC, heavy metals and halogens


ISO 9001

ISO 14001


  • Adhesive: Acrylic glue, Paper backing liner

  • Carrier material: Aluminium foil, thickness 26 microns

  • Operation temperature: - 40 °C – + 80 °C

  • Installation temperature: - 5 °C – + 40 °C

  • Storage conditions: Room temperature (~ 20 °C/ 50% relative humidity). Should be protected from humidity and not exposed to UV or heat source. 

  • For ageing tests carried out be ISOVER to ensure taht strong bonding properties still occur after 90 days, at 65°C/ 80% relative humidity. 

  • ISOVER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001

Delivery form

Width [mm]

Length [m]

Rolls / pack [pcs]




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