The salt water specialist

Due to its high level of corrosion resistance, the Geberit MapressCuNiFe copper/nickel/iron alloy has proven itself, especially for pipelines carrying salt water and in shipbuilding.

Geberit MapressCuNiFe applications

  • Industry

  • Shipbuilding

  • Salt water sanitary systems

Many good reasons for Geberit MapressCuNiFe


Additional safety

Detecting unpressed fittings

The Geberit Mapress seal ring provides the pressing indicator with additional safety. Due to its special contours, unpressed connections leak during the pressure test. This recognition feature prevents harm later during operation.

Protection plug

Protection against dust and dirt

The Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings are sealed with a plug that protects the supply network from dust and dirt. The colour of the protection plug also identifies the application.

Mechanical strength

Wide range of applications

The coordinated components lend the system a high load bearing capacity. Operating pressures of 2.5 MPa (25 bar) and more are possible. The high level of mechanical strength allows for a wide range of applications.

Perfectly smooth

Material surface

The extremely smooth surface is a prerequisite for added system safety and long-term tightness. The weld seams are smoothed by a mechanical finishing treatment for optimum flow behaviour and a perfectly positioned seal ring. The roughness values are therefore well below the limits set out in standards and guarantee the tightness of the system.


High material and system safety

The optimum composition of the alloy components results in a high degree of material and system safety. The extensive works standard, which goes beyond the required standards, is the reason for this safety.

Welded pipe seam

Pipes with a homogeneous material structure

A special thermal treatment creates a homogeneous material structure in the weld seams. The seams are also smoothed mechanically. This results in the pipes and fittings behaving uniformly during pressing.

Black pressing indicator

Fast visual check

The black colour of the pressing indicator on the fitting enables clear identification of the material. In addition, a print on the pipe end facilitates the identification of the dimension used. The pressing indicator can be simply removed manually after the correct pressing operation.

Weld seam of the Geberit MapressCuNiFe fitting

Thermally perfect weld seam execution

A clean weld seam on the contact surface of the seal ring contributes to ensuring the system's permanent tightness and to cutting susceptibility to corrosion. The weld seam processing has to meet Geberit's stringent quality demands. A special thermal treatment ensures a homogeneous material structure and thereby an optimum pressing operation.

Spheroidisation of the Geberit Mapress seal ring

For permanent fixture and a high level of safety

During the pressing procedure, the seal ring is given a pre-defined shape by the pressing jaw of the Geberit Mapress pressing tools. During this process, the ring absorbs additional energy for permanent and reliable tightness.

Geometry of the Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings

Compact design

Thanks to the compact geometry of the Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings, they require less space and tighter fitting combinations are therefore possible. Furthermore, Geberit offers numerous fittings that are coordinated with a wide range of applications.


Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)


  Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings

  • Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings and pipes made of copper/nickel/iron alloy

  • Black pressing indicator indicates CuNiFe

  • Dimension printed on the pressing indicator

  • Non-pressed connections are leaky and immediately identifiable during a pressure test

  • Protection plug prevents fittings from becoming dirty

  • Particularly suitable for applications in shipbuilding or in contact with salt water

The following applications each relate to the combination of the Geberit MapressCuNiFe seal ring with the Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings.


  Geberit Mapress seal ring CIIR black

  • Cooling water without antifreeze agent

  • Cooling water with antifreeze agent

  • Service water

  • Grey and black water with pH value > 6.0

  • Salt water

  • Extinguishing water (wet)

  • Sprinkler (wet)

  • Compressed air (oil purity class 0–3)

  • Negative pressure

  • Inert gases

    Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings are delivered as standard with Geberit 

    MapressCuNiFe seal rings CIIR black.


   Geberit Mapress seal ring FKM blue

  • Mineral oils

  • Fuels

  • Compressed air (oil purity class 0–X)


   Geberit MapressCuNiFe system pipes

  • Excellent corrosion resistance, especially against salt water

  • Black protective caps on the pipe ends prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt

  • Special thermal and mechanical treatment of the pipes creates a homogeneous, high-quality material structure

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